Active Tia Plant


Active TIA Plant® is a MES integrated package, developed as a modularized from for each function to provide essential information in plant. The package is divided into Machine, Cell, and Plant depending on the number of equipments.Active TIA Plant® is able to build a production information system which responds to demands of various clients by efficient productivity and quality improvement and securing international competitiveness of the products.


1. Dedicated S/W already applied into the foreign automobile plants.
2. Integrated provision of production information through a network of facilities in plant.
3. Standardized interface compatible with NC, PLC, and measurement devices provided.
4. User-oriented system enabling users to coordinate options.
5. Modularized software package, easy scalability and integration by function.
6. Various languages supported including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Slovakian.
7 .Ensured trust of basic information based on facility data.
8. Statistical treatment which is not supported by other MES S/W, remote diagnosis control system, and tool information system.

System Advantage

Intuitive interface for users

With web-based availability, Active TIA Plant provides various forms of graph and charts considering users’convenience for quick understanding and analysis of facility-related data.

Alarm provision according to situations

Active TIA Plant implements real-time alarm checking generated in facilities, thus it helps employees to respond to problems quickly to remove obstacles.

Material provision for accurate data analysis

Active TIA Plant provides materials to improve resource scheduling and work assignment by monitoring work performance and removing waste factors hampering efficiency in plant.

Enhanced security function by work

A manager is able to limit data access by generating role and authority according to work and registering accounts.