The Start of Industry Information + Control Technology

TIA Solution is a company that builds industrial control syems and industrial information system for Hyundai, Kia Motors and manufacturing factories in Korea and overseas, starting in 2008. we have the technical expertise to bulid the system.

We provides various functions by module or Industrial sensor and PLC control management unit, not achieved by the existing HMI, supplementing limitation of expensive foreign MES softwares which are unable to build your industrial information system due to fixed function format. We maximizing the value of data in the industry information system through the unique modules of TIA Plant (Totally Integrated Automation) product groups generating maximized effect with minimized cost,by understanding your work process and flows of industrial automation system.

Build Smart Factory System

'Active TIA Plant' manages the processes required for the Smart Factory and collects production info, quality info, facility status, alarms, and part tracking information that occurred during the production process. Providing the collected information to the worker and supervisor in real time. It provides the improvement of production rate and quality improvement. we offer industrial information system.

'ABB-M200Z' collects, manages and controls data from sensors, wireless sensor controllers and PLC. It quickly and reliably collects industrial data, provides web and mobile application monitoring via cloud, and supports clients to customize PLC data.

'ABB-SEN-T200WZ' industrial wireless sensor controller converts the analogue signals collected from wired analogue sensor into digital signals to transmit via wireless communication. With a built-in battery, no additional power supply is needed and IP65 certification for waterproofness and dust protection is ideal for diverse industrial environments.

Based on internationally established technological expertise for years, we are not only achieving Green Factory building and operation cost reduction but also enhancing clients’ trust and satisfaction. We will always make endeavors to be TIA Solution appreciated as a company specialized in the industrial information system, sticking to patient efforts rather than to be the best, by establishing a corporate culture of trust and leading by example based on various technological development and communication and collaboration with clients.